“...What is needed is a figurehead for hope. Using recent advancements in plastic surgery and biomedical science it is now possible to transform an ordinary person into someone who is extraordinary, to create a super-hero for this, our hour of need..."


I Need a Hero from Charlotte Jarvis on Vimeo.

Cast: Alex marx, Make-up: Judy Jarvis


The Swan was a 2004 American reality television program made by Freemantle Media and broadcast on Fox. 'Ugly' women were given "extreme makeovers" that included several forms of plastic surgery. De Lisa Styles, who was crowned The Swan in 2005 was in the US Army Reserves.

I Need a Hero imagines a swan-style programme format applied to current research in biomedical science, exploring the rhetoric employed alongside the idea of 'heros' and our relationship with the concept of the super-human.