A durational and disintegrating installation at Apotheke gallery in Nicosia, Cyprus. The performance was staged over five hours on three consecutive nights.

A theoretical and literal consumption of John Berger's seminal text, Ways of Seeing, exploring how and why we consume art and images and what factors dictate and manipulate the form of that consumption.

Each evening fourteen new ‘performers’ are invited to eat at the gallery where, transformed into the exhibit, their own roles, rituals and assumptions are scrutinized by the transient audience passing by.

Each of the six courses served is a physical essay on one or more aspects of the Berger text, examining how the meaning of art and images in general is manipulated through the context in which we encounter them, the male and female gaze as played out in the form of the traditional nude and how advertising, art (and perhaps pornography) address the viewer.

Ways of Eating was commissioned by Apotheke and Penelope Sacorafou

Ways of Eating 30 sec promotional trailer from James Read on Vimeo.