High-rollers, card sharks and lounge lizards doubled on down and joined us for our Trash Vegas dinner, where the steaks were high and the chip stacks higher.
Diners got their chops around 5 courses of Haute-Trash, including:

Cola Ham 'n' Eggs: Coca Cola, mustard and black treacle glazed ham served with a free range duck egg, atop home baked cornbread
Leaving Las Vegas: Smoked melon margarita jelly under cigar smoke
The ArtForEating Tall House Sundae: Home-made rose, honey and vanilla, ice creams with an vanilla candy-floss and orange flower cream, and a cherry on top, naturally!

For the evening's entertainment, Elvis 1, 2 and 3 joined 'Patty-Ann' on the microphone, crooning classics by the King and divulging the secrets of their own sordid journeys to Vegas. Even if you're rolling snake eyes every time, you're still a winner with us!