ArtForEating have a burning love of science, despite (or perhaps due to) a lack of formal qualifications in any related field, and we decided to share it with you through the medium of a good meal.

Five delicious courses included an incredible deconstructed bloody mary 'caviar', fillet of cod with coconut foam and test tube sauces, and rosewater and orange flower ice creams made at your table without refrigeration. Molecular gastronomy never came so cheap!

To counterbalance our facts with some fiction, we joined forces with Sheer Drop Theatre Company, who presented a series of specially commissioned stories performed at the table. The tales were from Home (England), Up The Way (Scotland), Next Door (Wales) and Over The Road (Ireland). Inspired by legend, myth and fairytale, with a scientific twist, Sheer Drop presented an evening of intimate theatrical storytelling to melt your bones and rattle your heart.