This time, ArtForEating took a trip back to the 40s to put on a splendid World War II/rationing supper club.

British housewives, unfazed by heavily restricted food supplies, improvised new recipes to make the most of their rations. Luckily, we had a huge range of wonderful black market foodstuffs available to us to recreate the zeitgeist of many rationing classics in a rather more palatable style. Courses included Home-tinned Spam (duck liver and truffle pate served in a spam tin with toasted brioche and black treacle & mustard cashew nuts), Allied Cakes (Victoria Sponge, Russian Tea Cakes and Key Lime Pie) and many more delicacies besides.

Sheer Drop were on hand in the form of squaddies, landgirls and wartime sweethearts, helping to transport the tables back to 1940s England with their unique brand of regional theatre.