ArtForEating presented an evening of British Colonial delicacies at the pleasure of Lady Frontbottom. Recently returned from an extensive tour of the British Empire, she presented her findings to the Royal Gastronomic Society, showcasing her soon-to-be-published book Cooking from the Commonwealth - an invaluable tome for any housewife who finds herself abroad and in want of practical domestic advice. Gathering recipes from Women's Institute outposts, Colonial officials, and her own cooks she brought guests the best of the British Empire. Her courageous and adventuresome progress is unparalleled - if there's ever a lady to be able to get herself out of a pickle, with a pickle, it's Agnes.

Accompanied by her allergy-ridden husband Jim and pet gorilla Krunt, she led a culinary journey through the rarest pink of the Empire. Five courses from around the globe called at ports in Africa (Roast belly of porc(upine) with crystallized watermelon), The West Indies, The Federation of Malaya, Singapore etc, Australasia (Colonial ‘goose’ accompanied by beetroot jelly and Maori sweet potatoes), and The Indian Continent.