ArtForEating went a culinary tour of the past half century. Five courses, one from every decade, explored the evolution of eating and eating establishments.

The ArtForEating bar was be refitted and remodeled from 60's bistro, staffed by jobbing catwalk models and Beatles wannabes, full of weed smoke and questionable colour combinations, through to a 70s steak house and a flash 80s cocktail lounge where the perms are large and the earrings have their own gravitational field, then after a refit including some adventurous lighting, a microphone and a microwave serving exclusively M&S ready meals in the 90s it finally came to rest as the pretentious pop-up experience we have come to know and love.

All accompanied by classic tunes from our resident lounge singer Madame Kerri Hall along with the illustrous and notorious ArtForEating players.